Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - سه شنبه، 24 تیر 1399
Soorin Technology Promotion Company
Managing Director's Message

It's a pleasure that this Site has provided an interactive bridge between colleagues, clients and addressees.

SoorinTech Company has started simultaneously with country's development plans and also with the backbone of technical knowledge, engineering potency and with honest, responsible and hardworking employees to design and produce special applications, winter equipments and urban services, road and airport maintenance equipments, provision of required parts, double differentials trucks, cash in transit applications,  recovery shops and … .

This company with reliance on God's help and the valuable trust capital of colleagues, clients and addressees, is going to continue and develop its growing activities within national and international dimensions to be so honorable for Iran and Iranians.

To reaching all these goals, we are always looking forward to receiving your worthy feedback and guidance.

God willing

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