Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - سه شنبه، 12 فروردین 1399
Soorin Technology Promotion Company
Mission and Vision

Mission :

Design, provision, production and supply of products and special applications, and service offering in accordance with legal requirements and customers needs for all kinds of light, semi-heavy and heavy commercial vehicles in line with company policies and strategies.


Vision :

  • Development  in the production industry of urban services equipment, road and airport maintenance machinery
  • Design and supply of new products
  • Provision the best quality
  • Competition with world's bests
  • Promotion the dignity of Iran and Iranians by providing products with superior capabilities
  • Respect for the individual innovations and  innovators in all related fields
  • Attempts to introduce and sell products to municipality for the purpose of development  the urban services mechanization design
  • Surpassing competitors by means of production with suitable prices