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Jetbroom (The high performance, powerful, multipurpose vehicle) (Views : 382)

Jetbroom is a unique, powerful and multipurpose vehicle with a cleaning system for airports and highways for year- round usage. Some specifications of this vehicle consist of 2 engines (main engine and work engine), 6-gear automatic gearbox, with 80 k/h max. speed, all wheels steering mode, additional equipment and advanced applications.


  • Chassis

A special strong chassis is designed in 2 axels type with a U-shaped attachment pad.


  • Cabin

A modern cabin with too doors that all parts is made of steel with the ability of tilting forward. With shock absorbers and an automatic lock for tilting forward. A left-handed joystick adjustable to up/down/ lateral direction, excellent overall view, fully comfortable with low sound level of engine noise into the cabin. Special designed seats, safety windshield with excellent view, windshield wiper, manual power window for left door and electrical power window for the right door, rear cab glass is double parts, an air conditioner is installed on the cab roof, 2 comfortable pneumatic arm chairs, a powerful air conditioning system with 3 different speeds, a flexible sunshade above the windshield, electric exterior mirrors with heater, an adjustable mirror at the right side of the vehicle for a better view, 3 parallel windshield wipers with 3 different modes, adequate space from the dashboard, between seats and into the doors and also a coat hanger.


  • Dashboard equipment

All switches, keys and indicators are located on the dashboard ergonomically so that the driver is able to easily and completely control them. The above mentioned keys consist of head lamp switches, a switch for selection of different wheel steering modes, speedometer, and mileage meter.