Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - سه شنبه، 12 فروردین 1399
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Pony (The multipurpose vehicle) (Views : 424)

Pony (the multipurpose vehicle) has been designed with the highest quality and the lowest expense due to the needs of urban society and performing fast urban services operations. This vehicle is only 140 cm wide, 199 cm high and 403 cm in length, so it makes the users able to give services in different locations such as highways, streets and even narrow alleys.  Some unique benefits and specifications of the Pony vehicle are as follow:

  • Minimum radius turning: 3.1 m
  • 4 wheel steering mode
  • The possibility of crab steering mode
  • Maximum gradeability (through other urban services machinery)
  • The ability of climbing stairs

The Pony vehicle can also provide complete and varied urban services due to the advanced hydraulic systems applied in making. Regarding the speed (50 k/h), the high speed operation (25 k/h) and the vehicle's small size, it can give services easily without causing traffic and inconvenience to other vehicles, even in the most crowded streets with heavy traffic.