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Snow Plows (Views : 376)

Some of the major problems caused by snow and cold weather are closing roads, icy road surfaces, heavy traffics and severe car accidents. So the snow clearing operation at the right time and with advanced technical equipment is the basic need of roads maintenance in winter. Some non-specialized equipment and machinery has been used for snow clearing in the past years, so the operation is done with no quality and some snow always remains on the road surface which causes freezing and other related problems. Using the snow plows produced by SoorinTech Co. , the thickness of the remaining snow on the road surface is in accordance with Europe standards via the bottom layer attached to the plow (steel wear rail). While using locally manufactured products, the thickness is over the standard measure; as a result the used plow may not be effective for snow clearing operations. Also the snow plows produced by SoorinTech Co. have an inclination system which prevents vibration transmission from the blade to the vehicle, so it prevents damage to front chassis system and asphalted surfaces as well.

Following the technical knowledge and samples from Boschung Swiss Co., a four-part blade was selected and locally manufactured for mounting on the truck (single-axis and double-axis) with a weight of 1 ton. So that all mechanical items (Body, jacks, suspension system, fuses, etc.) were locally produced and assembled. A power pack (made by OMFB Italian Co.) is used to maintain the technology necessary for the system.